UVA Nuclear Femtography

A super cool team of scientists, performing cutting edge research, building software, and bringing all to the public.


We preform cutting-edge research at femtometer scale to understand the most fundamental biulding blocks of our world.


We provide software for ML/AI software for analysis and model building base on industry standard frameworks.


We build public outreach tools to inspire the next-generation of scientists.

The FemtoNET group brings together a diverse group of scientist, developers and AI practitioners to do world-class, cross-discipline science.

Huey-Wen Lin

Research Professor

My research focuses on using high-performance supercomputers to nonperturbatively calculate physical quantities at the quark and gluon level (that is, using quantum chromodynamics or QCD). Using lattice QCD, I am investigating particle properties that will help discern the difference between new physics and the Standard Model in searches at the LHC and beyond.

Yaohang Li

Research Professor

Yaohang Li is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Old Dominion University. His research interests are in physics-informed machine learning for Physics Event Generation, Inverse Problem. and Uncertainty Quantification.

Joshua Hoskins

Joshua Hoskins

Software Developer

As a full-time software engineer and former physicist, I am interested in applications of ML/AI technologies to physical sciences, specifically physics-based learning.

Brandon Kriesten

Postdoctoral Researcher

Brandon's research interests involve studying the physical properties of nuclei from the dynamics of quarks and gluons. His research uses both phenomenological and artificial intelligence methods to understand spin and mass as an emergent phenomena from QCD.

Manal Almaeen

Graduate Researcher

Manal's research interests focus on data science, deep learning and Machine learning. Manal's current research is mainly using machine learning algorithms to solve the inverse problem in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) theory. Currently, Manal is a graduate fellow at the Center for Nuclear Femtography (CNF) working on developing a “Femtoanalyzer” to solve the inverse problem for Quantum Correlation Functions (QCFs).

Jake Grigsby

ML/AI Researcher

Joshua B. P. Bautista

Graduate Researcher

My interests center around studying the properties of ultra dense matter. I want to know what we can learn about it from nuclear experimental data as well as neutron star astrophysical observables.

Zaki Panjsheeri

Undergraduate Researcher

An undergraduate research student at the University of Virginia majoring in physics and mathematics in the graduate preparatory concentration. His research experience includes work in lattice QCD, solutions to systems of differential equations, and low-energy nuclear physics.

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